Fixin OSX terminal home/end

So I don’t find the default “key bindings” in the OSX terminal app to be ideal. By default the home and end keys aren’t bound in the way that seems to match other applications and OSes. Here’s what I changed to make the home/end keys behave the way I was used to in the ubuntu terminal. Just go into Terminal>Preferences>Keyboard and change the following fields.

Home \033OH
End \033OF

Now on your macbook fn+left||right will take you to the beginning and end of the line respectively. Hope you find this as useful as I have!

So wordpress has this media thing…

And it’s really not as cool as it could be. So I use their little back end thing to upload a file. I can then use their WYSIWG editor to insert a link in the post by way of cliky clicky. Here it is!!! Finding Beauty… Not that exciting eh. After I saw their nifty flash uploader I had high hopes that it would drop it into some neat flash audio player for me! No such luck, just a link to the file. Looks like a feature that’s more useful to hosted folks. Anyways back to your regularly scheduled programming. This has obviously been a test post that I used as an excuse to share a file.

Disable OSX Dashboard!

Recently I became a mac user again! While I do generally love the experience there are a few things about OSX that I either find flat out improper or that I simply don’t use. Among these things are dashboard widgets. Really to me the entire dashboard is just a waste of memory. I don’t need a bunch of docklets sitting in the background consuming RAM waiting to be used (since their time will never come as long as I rule over them!).

So I’ve gone ahead and written a really simple shell script to disable your dashboard. if you decide you want your dashboard back never fear! Simply run the script again and you’ll be given the option to turn the dashboard back on again! Turning off the dashboard will automatically unload all of the widgets freeing any RAM/CPU time that they would consume. If you’re not going to be using this particular feature that apple gives you no “standard” way of unloading, there’s no reason for allow it to consume system resources!

Domain squatted…

So it looks like squatters have once again gotten a hold of my domain!!! I accidentally left an expired credit card on my godaddy account and someone managed to swoop in and pick up my domain before I realized what happened. I guess this is going to mean a temporary move back “home” onto one of my other domains until I can get control of my domain back. Not a huge loss I guess I wasn’t updating this nearly as often as I wanted to. At least now my attention is back here and on doing a touch of writing. Looks like we won’t be back to for a while…

Expires on: 29-Apr-11

le sigh


So one of the newer ventures I have been working with has me doing quite a bit of work on remote Windows systems, which means using remote desktop. Once you have more then 3-4 of these things running windows management can start getting a touch hairy and I start yearning for a better way to manage the remote systems windows. For a while I was using the Remote Desktop snap in for the Microsoft Management Console, which is pretty nice. However it doesn’t offer intelligent resizing or the ability to “snap” a window in and our of the console interface. Sometimes I want to pull a window out of the embedded interface and full screen it. MMC RDP snap in doesn’t allow me to do this, so I started searching for an interface built specifically to handle RDP sessions. Enter RoyalTS. If you’re using lots of RDP sessions this thing handles. Up to 10 sessions is shareware, after that they want you to purchase a key. If memory serves me correct there is an earlier (1.4? 1.5?) version that is shareware for unlimited sessions. I ended up going that route. I’m sure you can find on oldversion if you’re a cheap ass like me. If not they do make a good piece of software that I would say is worthy of your coin.

Nerd out with conky desktop system monitoring

This one is based off an old posting I made about using conky to do some nifty looking linux/unix desktop system monitoring. I don’t actually use this anymore since I’m using windows on all my desktop systems, but I still have the screencap of my old desktop, and my old config file so I’m going to include those for you guys. I also found a collection of example configs I based my basic design off of. Conky is a desktop embedded monitoring application sort of like samurize for windows.
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rssh is the hotness

This should be a short one. rssh is a restricted shell sort of like smrsh. Unlike smrsh rssh is a shell that is able to restrict a user to various secure file transfer protocols. I’ve been doing some work where I move backups over a WAN connection via rsync. I wanted both encryption and automated transfer while restricting the user on the remote host. Being the lazy individual that I am I didn’t want to go through the trouble of doing chrooted sftp. I started doing some research and quickly came across rssh. Simply install rssh via your preferred method and chsh the transferring users shell to rssh on the remote host. All that’s left is to setup the config in /etc/rssh. BOOM! You’ve got a user with a shell that only allows the specified file transfer protocols.


I have a confession to make. I hate putty. It hasn’t always been that way. When putty and I first met we had a pretty nice relationship. It provided me with a nice simple shell interface to access *nix systems from my windows machine. It didn’t manage keys well, and it didn’t exactly provide a local shell interface, but as they say ignorance is bliss. As time went on and I got more and more into linux I slowly started moving all of my computing onto FOSS operating systems. For a few years in there I wasn’t running windows or Mac OS at all and that’s when it happened. I got addicted to *nix utilities on both ends. Like an old girlfriend who once occupied a finer light putty had faded from favor. Her once elegant simplicity had been exposed as being simply plain. If I was ever going to go back to windows I would need something else!
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The matrix has you!

I just found an awesome easter egg in word press while sleepily accidentally trying to compare the same revision of an autosaved posting to itself… The results where pretty hilarious.

SSL load balancing with NGINX

So a little bit ago a business I was doing work with was looking for a cheap quick way to introduce redundancy into their web setup. They wanted to retain their same basic setup on the “back end”, apache web servers running on dedicated hardware with a SAN based codebase while adding a load balancing element to the setup. A friend of mine had recently turned me onto nginx, a low memory footprint http server. He also mentioned that nginx possessed the ability to do some reverse proxy semi intelligent load balancing. That’s quite a feat for a minimal resource http server!
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